Week 9 October 16 -20

It is hard to believe we all had a break last week! It has been a busy week back but your children have brought a lot of energy. It was wonderful to hear about their time with family and friends.

We continue to look at narrative writing. Many are drawing to the end or have just finished drafting a narrative of their choice. As we wrote we looked at important aspects of narratives including point of view, paragraphing and speech. As they complete this piece we edit and reflect on how well we are meeting Grade 5 benchmarks.

As a class we continue to read, A Long Walk to Water. The children’s ability to question and predict have been highlighted. Take a minute to talk with your son or daughter about the premise of this story.

We are investigating large numbers and what they mean. This means being able to read large numbers correctly, order them and understand their magnitude. We extended this to recognising the pattern as we move to a million and beyond. This will culminate on Friday as we come together to construct a million.

Perspective has been a focus this week. What do the students really think about migrants and refugees, what do countries think about migration. Carry this into conversations at home by sharing your own country’s view on refugees and migration and your own view.

5C have been planning, researching and writing their ‘Migration’ stories in anticipation for their ‘Migration Museum Extravaganza’ on the 27th. Students have received the criteria and are expected plan their time to ensure they make the deadline. Come along to this event and celebrate your child’s learning. Please click on the invitation below.

Migration Museum Extravaganza Invitation


Your children performed with enthusiasm and ease at this morning’s spirit assembly. It was a pleasure to watch.  Thanks Ms Ronke 

Please come along to the Mathematics Evening tonight in the Community Room 7 -8.

UN Day is approaching, we will celebrate together on November 3.

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