This is The Week That Was!

Very busy first week back after a hard earned break! It has been a wondereful week back at school with lots of thinking and fun. The animoto below is a small example of activities in 2B. Such activities have been centred around;

  • Probability.               Is something likely, unlikely, certain or impossible?
  • Reading.                    Reading for Stamina. Can we independently read for 20 minutes?
  • Word Study              Connecting our ideas to grow understanding.
  • Sharing the Planet  The “Fair Game”.

Student Council.

Today we nominated 5 students to stand as our class representatives on the ES Student Council. Hami, Jacob, Noah, Ha-Eun, and Anesu, congratulations for being nominated. On Monday each student will give a small presentation telling us a little bit  about themselves and how best they can represent  2B on the student council. Please help your child with their presentation if possible. No more than a minute is fine, thank you!

Upcoming Important Dates.

Friday, November 11th: UN Day

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


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