Friday May 13th.


Please remember to make sure your child is coming to school with their water bottle and hat. The weather is turning very warm and it is easy for the little ones to become easily dehydrated. They hopefully are drinking at least 3 bottles per day.IMG_1828

This week we began our final unit of inquiry for K2, How We Express Ourselves.

The Central Idea is: Artists express their thoughts through the Arts. 

We are having lots of fun learning to express what we are thinking through poetry, writing, story telling, using our recycled musical instruments to create music, dancing and acting, and as of today…..MIME.!! So lovely and quiet (at times). Non-verbal communication is in itself an art form and it is very hard to maintain such a level of self-discipline needed to be a successful mime artist.

Next week we are going to express ourselves as Abstract Artists and as such we will be spraying paint, splattering and shaking paint bottles. In order for your child to take part in this activity we suggest they  bring in an oversized shirt to cover and protect their clothing. Hopefully, we can begin this activity on Monday. Our inspiration for this activity comes from a young artist named Aelita Andre. I encourage you to ask your child about this remarkable artist and to google her to see why she is indeed so remarkable!


I emailed families at lunch time a note from Mr Andy regarding the next activity for PE which is Swimming. Please make sure you read the information carefully as we begin our swimming lessons on Tuesday 17th May.


As of next week students can choose whether or not to read at home. This does not mean they are not reading at all, quite the contrary reading lessons will continue as per normal. However, they have spent a great deal of energy this year being engaged with their reading and as the year is winding down they are beginning to show signs of tiredness. I do not want them to have their love of reading diminished in any way and most will probably decide to take something home over several nights but if they don’t then that is okay too!


Monday Library

Tuesday: Swimming

Friday :Elementary School Musical.

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