Video-Fight Climate Change, Eat Less Meat

If you want to watch the video click here.

This article explains how meat is contributing to climate change and how we are using valuable resources like water and land and animal for our food. The guy explains how our meat causes greenhouse gasses, which we all know, is why there even is global warming.

He aid that becoming completely vegan is very hard for most of us but just cutting down on your meat and dairy is enough to make a difference in the world; and I completely agree with the whole thing.

Some people might have a problem with becoming vegan or just even becoming vegetarian. They might love meat. Some people might have a problem with it because the animals might be their part of their farm.

I think people shouldn’t stop eating meat and dairy completely but they should be more aware.

I have one question that the guy didn’t mention: What percentage of people are vegan, vegetarian and/or meat eaters?


This is My Speech!


Martin Luther King JR once said “I have a dream”. I think everybody in grade 5 is closer to the dream they have because of their education, commitment and passion for what they love and want to do.

People always told me “you are growing up so quickly” and I did, even though it was a few centimeters.They said that I was so close to finishing Elementary School, but I never imagined it would go by so quickly. I’m going to grade 6 after the summer break. It’s in just a couple of months and It’s still going by quickly.

Some of the most important things happened or are going to happen this year. Exhibition and moving up to middle school. They are both so important. They helped our growth In ES we learned to be independent yet cooperative, cautious yet being risk takers. I went into my class in grade 5 without ,honestly,  any of my best friends. But now I have more friends. We also did UN summit,Sports and athletics day and camp. We learned from those things.

I remember all the memories we’ve had in the past. Starting Second grade was so nerve wrecking. I came to UNIS without any of my friends, but people were so accepting. In no time I had plenty of friends. Jumping all the way back to 5th grade, Exhibition. It tired all of us!  The week after exhibition was really confusing. The homework and the schedule. The normal felt weird. Of course we have done many more things but it would an endless list.

Throughout ES we have learned a lot of things and our ideas have become better and better in that process. We have all changed socially, emotionally and academically. We have grown. We have good memories and bad memories from classes. In ES we learned so many different things from so many different classes.

Everyone knows that we couldn’t get up to this point without motivation and the passion for learning. But we also couldn’t get here without our teachers and TA’s. Some people don’t like their teacher or have had a bad teacher in the past but you learn something from everybody.

Back to Martin Luther King JR’s “I have a dream”, I’m Sure I speak for most if not everybody in grade 5 when I say everybody has a dream and if they finished or achieved it, we get a new dream.



I wrote it by myself and it was for the grade 5 graduation ceremony.

Article: They Put A Dog Inside His Jail Cell And Started Filming. Now Watch What The Inmate Does…

This is the link to the article and video

The actual article is about an idea to put dogs (who were probably going to be euthanize) in with prisoners. It was about the connection and the feelings that they share, It’s about knowing what the other was going through. The video shows all of the dogs bonding with a prisoner. One prisoner said that dogs know what it’s like to feel and be forgotten.

Before I watched the video and knew the ending to it, I thought putting dogs in with prisoners is a terrible idea because you don’t know how the prisoners will treat the dogs.

My opinion has changed because both the prisoners and the dogs look extremely happy and they have a connection that not a lot of people have.

Now that I have watched the video I do think having a dog with a prisoner is a good idea. Dogs are good pets to have and it can teach them how to care for and train.

I like this video and I think it a good reminder to everybody that sometimes when you are a risk taker good thing will happen. I have 1 question though. Who came up with the idea to do this and try it out?

Reading Response

Book title: Down the Masterly River

Author: Bill Willing Ham

Illustrator:Mark Bucking Ham

I don’t know why this happens but I always end up telling you the beginning  of a story. Maybe you’ll have to read to find the middle and the ending. So this book is about a boy who is in a forest mysteriously. He is alive but his troop somewhere. His name is Max and he is between 12 and 13 years old . He is a smart kid and he was lost, but he had five ‘rules of detection’. All the plants that he recognized were found in western forests……….and that’s all I got up to. I read intil the first few pages because I just finished reading this other book that I wrote about earlier. So I didn’t have much time to read a whole lot of this book.

For the reading comprehension strategies I tried to visualize myself in that situation but it was just to hard because I only read a few pages. But there were some words that I didn’t know like seldom or faculties. I also made connections to another book I read about. And the front cover kind of (a tiny bit) reminds of the lion king.


I also had questions for this author:

  1. How did you come up with the idea for this book
  2. What made you write the books?
  3. Do you write non-fiction books as well?
  4. How did you come up with all the names?
  5. Do the animals on the front cover have anything to do with the book? If it does why those animals? What made you choose them?

I also had feelings when I was reading this book:

  1. excited (for numerous reasons)
  2. happy
  3. nervous
  4. calm

and a bunch of others. I don’t know if I like this book yet but I do so far, but I think it will be a great book that you will enjoy. I can’t give an age rating for this book because I haven’t read far enough. But so far I think it’s okay for grade 5&6 but older kids can read it to. There are some tricky words in there that have stumbled upon. Here is something to think about: What do you think is going to happen to Max? Do you think he is in danger?

Reading Response

Book Title:Rules For Girls: Best Friends and Drama Queens

Author: Meg Cabot

Now I haven’t finished the book but I know so far that in the book a new girl is coming to Allie’s class. That new girl is from Canada and her name is Cheyenne. Allie thinks that it’s great that Cheyenne is coming and she is really excited to meet her. All goes well until Allie and her friends ask Cheyenne if she wants to play with them. In the process of asking her they reveal a secret, that one of Allies friends likes one of the boys in her grade. Cheyenne said no and just doesn’t care.  Allie and her friends are so shocked at what she just said and how she said it.

Now I got to admit that this book is a little under the level I am supposed to be reading at but it is an okay book. First for the questions:

  1. What is all of this leading to?
  2. Is Allie going to hate Cheyenne at the end of the book or will it be the opposite?
  3. Why does the mention a lot of times the teacher?
  4. What would the book be like from Cheyenne’s  point of view?

That last one I thought about a lot. Some of the reading comprehension strategies I used was predicting. I predict that Cheyenne and Allie are going to dislike each other by the end of the book, if not sooner. I also predict that the teacher will somehow be involved in this feud.  I predict that Cheyenne will be the most popular kid in her grade. I also. I can visualize people in my grade in some of these situations.  I also made a connection with real the book is to everyday life.

Last but not least I had feelings while I was reading this book:

  1. anxious
  2. shocked
  3. happy
  4. weird
  5. excited

and Lastly : Dislike-full (if that’s even a word)

I do recommend reading this book but not to grade 5. I think it would be a good-leveled book for 3rd graders.Now here is a little thinking that you can do: Would you say that you are most like Cheyenne, Popular or like Allie, friendly? Think about it!

Informative Report – White Tiger

White Tiger

White Tiger are an awesome species of tiger,they are from the Big Cat family. Do you like them too?


White Tigers are found in India,Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Pakistan and more. They usually live in jungles and near swamps because they like to swim.


It takes about 103 days for the mother to give birth. A usual litteris 2 or 3 but 1 often dies. The cubs stay with their mom for a couple of years while she teaches them skills like hunting,before leaving her.


The White Tiger has white fur and brown stripes. It has strong back legs,a flexible spine and a large head.They sometimes have blue eyes.


White Tigers pounce pounce on their prey, they use their claws to make a kill. They eat a lot at one time so it lasts a long time. White Tigers eat a lot of deer but also eat buffalos,mosse and plenty of other animals.
White Tigers are endangered because people hunt them for their fur. There very few in the wild but many people are trying to save them and see them in a lot of zoos around the world. To help save white tigers you can donate money to charities who are trying to save white tigers.

Where I got my info:

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LI:I can write informative reports.

In this we had to write reports on something and I chose the white tiger (animal). I like it because it shows that I can write informative reports.

Schools Must Allow Gum!

Gum is a something that people chew for many reasons .Principals don’t often let kids eat gum at school. Teachers think it’s messy and that it would be carelessly dropped on the floor. Gum helps kids concentrate, improves memory and relaxes.


First, gum helps people concentrate. Kate Morgan, from Cardiff University did a test on a few people. They were split into 2 groups one that did chew gum and the other group didn’t. Participants were tested on how fast and how correct they were during the test. Gum was proven to help people concentrate even before this test occurred.A lot of people criticize gum.


Have you ever chewed gum while you are working or thinking? Essentially, gum helps your memory. Scientists prove  that chewing gum improves memory. It increases the amount of oxygen being carried to your brain which makes both hemispheres work together on the task. Many reports say that chewing gum makes the blood flow to the brain higher by 25 – 40 %,which is good.


Lastly gum helps kids get more relaxed. Chewing gum pleases students and adults. A test showed gum-chewers to be much less stressed with work and in their normal life.Students will be less stressed out and they will be happier when they are working.


In conclusion, schools should allow gum because it helps kids concentrate, helps their memory and it helps them be more relaxed and less stressed out. Imagine schools allowing gum all over the world. I strongly believe that chewing gum will help students so much with their. Students will work harder and be much happier. 


I go my Info at:

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“Chewing gum helps you concentrate for longer | BPS.” 2013. 2 Feb. 2016 <>

“Health Benefits of Gum Chewing and More About Chewing …” 2016. 4 Feb. 2016 <>

“Chewing gum: A way to relieve stress? – Mind the Science …” 2012. 4 Feb. 2016 <>

LI:I can write persuasively.

In this we had to write persuasive reports. I like because I think that I did a topic that a lot of kids would agree with.


Pursuasive essay rubric

Elephants Are Taking Early Retirement To Florida Article

Got to the link above to see the article


This article is about Asian elephants being retired earlier they than they are meant to. It was because multiple people said that it was cruel with the way they are teaching them with the ‘Bull-hooks’.  Bull-hooks are long hooked poles. 

I think that the number one reason that people like animals in the circus is probably for the skills and the talent. People get entertainment out of it and they think it’s funny or amazing that they can do that. I don’t think people would come to a circus to learn about animals ability’s in a scientific way.

I think that people don’t like the fact that other people are being cruel to animals and forcing them to do tricks with slavery of some sort. They feel empathy for these animals that are being pushed around all day.

Elephants will be put to research because they are thought to help treat cancer. Scientists also found that elephants don’t have have TB (Tuberculosis). I hope that they won’t be tested anymore because they belong outside of a lab or a research place.

I think putting elephants through this is a horrible idea, especially for entertainment purposes.Elephants were naturally wild and that’s the way it should be. The problem is us, humans. We have to ruin everything for them, their families friends and their home. We take them away from their homes and make them do tricks for entertainment purposes. A lot elephants don’t know what it is like going in the wild because people raise them from birth to perform.

In conclusion, I think punishing elephants like this is like breaking something that is really important to you, CRUEL.  It really bothers me to know that animals are being forced to do something they probably don’t want to do. Do you like the fact that elephants and other animals are being pushed around like this? Do you like watching elephants for entertainment?

The Importance of play

Before Global Playday What is play? Play is to interact with other people and play a game but not too much chatting. To involve in games where you interact with others. How does play help us learn? Play helps us learn to make new friends, perhaps learn to play a new sport. It can help with our social skills and how we socialize. What skills or attitudes do you need to play, with someone else or alone? You need to have a happy attitude. To be positive and happy. You should have good sportsmanship when you are playing in a competitive game. Don’t be sad when you loose but instead learn from it. Be acceptable and let people join you. You need to able to socialize. You also need these attitudes: Risk Taker, to try playing with someone new. Confidence, try a new game. Commitment, finish the game that you’re playing . After Global  Playday What did I play today? Today I played “The Game of Life”. I played with Halo,Lilly, Hieu, Charlie and a few others. It was so much fun because we laughed so much. We were so loud the other class can hear us. I really think I did a smart choice to play this game. Did you play anything different or learn anything new while playing in school today? Actually I didn’t play anything else because“ The Game of Life “ took the whole time to play the full game. I learned that fun play does not have to happen outside, it can happen in a board game. You can have just as much fun. Board games bring back so many memories from my life. Read these definitions of play. Do you agree? Write your own definition of play . My definition of play is to interact with another person. Not with Electronics or remote controlled things. How are these definitions of play different from playing organized sports? It is different because we are doing it and playing on our own. Where in sports the coaches and adults always make you do something that they tell you to do. Organized Sports are just a  clever recipe to get you to imagine and actually play less.   How does play help you learn? We can learn to socialize and play with others. We can learn to interact with other people.   What skills and attitudes do you need to play? You need to be positive and always have fun. Have good sportsmanship. you need to be good and don’t brag if you win. And always be happy, not sad. Are you ever bored? Why? What could you play? Yes, I am bored sometimes because I probably think that I don’t have anything to play. I can take out a board game and play it with my brothers. I just have to get my thought deep inside, unlock it and take it out and see what happens. How should “play” be like at UNIS? I think that play at UNIS should be that everyone has someone to play with and if they don’t than join them in to your game. I think that everybody should be nice when they are playing together. Everybody should enjoy the game that they are playing. You can make any game fun (even board games you never thought to be fun.) I think play is super important to our everyday lives. It helps our mind so much. You get so imaginary (if you are a daydreamer you know what i’m talking about.) and you are able to play. Sometimes drifting off can be a good thing. If your inner imaginative and playful self is down somewhere, play a board game and you just released it.

Are Affectionate Tourists Harming Manatees? (Article)

Click this link to see the article.

This article is about humans potentially harming manatees. Before they got to that part, they talked about the manatee. They can weigh up to 1000 pounds, mostly herbivorous,too. The scientists believe that by touching and feeling them, we are causing stress. Some of the locals disagree with this, and some even said that because they have increased in numbers (from the endangered list) they shouldn’t be protected anymore. It also talked about the visitors being a “significant source of revenue” being $30 million annually.

Humans are allowed to touch manatees because they are mostly herbivorous.  They don’t eat meat so they won’t eat humans. Humans aren’t allowed to touch them because it causes stress to the manatees.

I personally don’t think people should be allowed to touch manatees, because you might be affecting their migration system. You also might be stressing them out. If you touch them you also might be affecting their population, and have a decrease in numbers which would put them back on the endangered species scale. Manatees from nature don’t encounter humans everyday so they might be afraid of your touch, too.

I do have a few questions ,though, so here are some:

  1. Why do you touch the manatees in the first place?
  2.  When did the manatees get off the endangered list?
  3.  It that the only tourists attraction in that area?
  4. Why do some think that the manatees shouldn’t be protected just because they aren’t endangered?

These are (again ) just some of the questions. If you want to read this article go to the link above.