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The movie that i have seen and really enjoy it, is called “It Takes Two”. It is a really interesting movie.

There was This girl called Amanda she was not a royal girl. One day she and her classmate are going on a camp!

There is another girl named Alisa, she came back and visit her dad. Alisa was a very royal girl, she has a really fancy house. Next to her house was a camp. Alisa always use her telescope and see what the other kids have doing. She love to have camp and live like an orphan, she doesn’t want to be that rich. One day, Alisa was mad at her dad because he is going to get married to another women who doesn’t like him, that women only wants to live in a rich house. So Alisa ran out to a lake and Amanda’s friend dared her to ring on that really fancy house. Alisa dad was asking the assistant where is Alisa, but they don’t know. When Amanda rang the door bell the assistant open the door and thought that was Alisa because they look the same. When Amanda’s mom was looking all over for she finally found her sitting in the lake, but it was actually Alisa. They both got mixed up. So after they got mixed up, Amanda saw this house is amazing but she saw a women that look like a ghost and she ran away and went out of that house. Alisa was playing american football at the camp, everybody was chasing after her to get the ball but she ran away out of the camp. When both of them are running, they bump into each other and they were so surprise! They thought they saw them self. Then they introduce them self  and they finally understand what is going on. So Amanda likes to live in that fancy and rich house, but Alisa want to stay in the camp. So they decided to switch because since they look the same people won’t know.

After few days Amanda finally made Alisa’s stepmother going for 1 week, then Amanda and Alisa met each other again. They told each other what was going on. After a few while they decided to make Amanda’s mom get married with Alisa’s dad. So they plan that Amanda’s teacher will ride on the horse with Alisa going around and Alisa’s dad, Amanda will take him around. Then both of them went. Alisa’s dad didn’t know where she went and Amanda’s mom doesn’t know where Amanda went. The 2 girls try to make the horse ran around like crazy and Alisa’s dad saw Amanda’s mom having trouble with the horse and he came and help her. The Alisa’s dad got hit by a tree and Amanda’s mom help him. Both of the 2 girls think they are a good couple.

Few days later when Alisa’s dad nearly got married, Alisa force Amanda’s mom to go to that church. When Amanda’s mom show up in that wedding, Alisa’s dad don’t want to marry the women again but he wants to marry Amanda’s mom. When Alisa came, Amanda’s mom and Alisa’s dad was confused and then the 2 girls explained what happened. Then Amanda’s dad and Alisa’ teacher got married and they live a happy family.


The End 

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