My English Homework- JAMAL AND THE SMUGGLER.

Jamal- My parents are on the other boat. I have a little sister and she wants to be with them. She is only nine. Please.

Smuggler- How will we get that boat back?

Jamal- By radio or radar to check on them where they are right now. We can ask them to shoot up an emergency                      flare so we know where they are. Do they have any flood lights on the boat?

Smuggler- That’s a good idea! But we don’t have a radar and no radio to communicate with our boats. Once they                             leave this place they are on their own. So we can neither call them nor can they light any flares.

Jamal- Can’t we get on a faster boat and get to them?

Smuggler- We only had two boats. One has left right now.

Jamal- Please tell me, can you help us in any way?

Smuggler- We can send all of you people on this boat and when you catch up with the other boat you can board it.

Jamal- I think that is not a good idea because we are too young to travel alone on a boat. Please come with us.

Smuggler- You calm down, I will see what I can do for you. I will certainly put you in safe hands.

Jamal- Oh thank you, so kind of you.


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