John Green

John Green

By Andrew Flay


“RING RING RING!!!!” The alarm clock screeched I sit bolt upright in my bed and my hands fly to my sides and my left unintentionally does a swipe over my night-stand and I hear a “Bling!” I look on the floor to see a shattered glass that I knocked off my night-stand. “John are you okay up there?” my father asks. “Ye- RING RING RING!” the alarm clock interrupts. I pull the BB gun off the shelf above my and shoot the alarm. The alarm goes down like a sick cow. Suddenly the agreement about not shooting any alarm clocks comes to mind and I do a facepalm. “John do we need to revisit our agreement about not shooting any more innocent alarm clocks!?” my dad asks “It wasn’t innocent it was annoying me!” I reply “No excuses get down here!” my dad yells “Okay…” A few minutes later… “Bye Dad!” I yell as I leave the house. I wait silently for the bus at the designated spot for it once I get on I see the Harvey brothers. These guys are a foot taller than any 6th grader. I walk quickly by them I find a spare seat behind them. I stay silent the whole ride hoping that they would pick on somebody else.



I arrived at school at about 8:00 school starts at 8:05 and it takes me 4 mins to get to class so I sprint across campus and I set my foot inside my class and Mr.Wilsbury called out “Late again Mr. Green!” “For the 78th time this year!” “Sorry sir” I stammer and I miserably walked over to my seat and sat down as class dragged on. Minutes turned into hours and then out of the blue was a ringing sound. I jumped out of my trance and that ringing sound was the lunch bell! I was so excited because I would be starting my project for the upcoming spring science fair. 30 mins later…



As I came out my brain was exhausted from all the information from inside the lab. “Hey John over here!” called my best friend Kay. “Dude I have to tell you something!” So I walked over to the lunch table and sat down he started explaining to me “So you know how you leave your project for the spring science fair in the lab right?” “Yeah…” I reply “Well after you left the lab I saw the Harvey brothers acting suspicious around and I have a gut feeling that-” I cut him off  “Yeah right stop scaring me” “I’ll go check the lab out quickly after school okay?” I say “Alright fine” Kay replies “But if it’s not there you, John Allegro Green owe me, Kay Taylor 10 dollars” “Alright but don’t call me by my middle name that was my mom’s last  name and you know what happened to her right?” I scold “Also remember last time we trusted your gut feeling we ended up on the border to Maine at 2:00 in the morning” “Remember” “Yes I remember” Kay replied. 2 hours later…



“School’s out!” Principal Snow said through the PA system. As everybody leaves the classes I run over to the lab to collect my project but I look around and the beakers are in the same place the lab coats are still hanging untouched the microscopes are still sitting on the counter then in the middle of the table no project. I panic and I run back to the bus my mind reeling to find possible ways it could’ve disappeared then one thing came to mind the Harvey Brothers. Of course they would’ve done this they could win 500 dollars for stealing my work!

I was so furious that I wish I could walk over there and punch both of them but that would just get me in trouble. Number one the Harvey brothers would act hurt if a teacher was around and I would get in trouble and later with no teachers I would get beat up by them.



So later that night I asked my Dad about how I could solve the problem.

He said “Why don’t you just talk to them about it? And how do you know the Harveys did it?”  “Why do you pretend like I didn’t tell you how I know”So I repeated “Remember I saw the Harveys leaving the lab after school when my project disappeared” Dad said “The Harvey family  are my bosses at work so I don’t want any unnecessary problems with my boss” “Alright I’ll figure it out” I replied. So later that night I was thinking about what I could do and one idea. Although I didn’t want to do it stood out because it had a possibility of being successful. To break into their house. I started to get tired so I dozed off. “Wake up John it’s time for breakfast!” my Dad yelled. I sat up groggily I looked at my clock it read: 7:10 “Shoot I am going to be late for school!” So I got dressed ran downstairs grabbed half a waffle while still pulling my pants on. I ran so fast my hand wasn’t quick enough to grab the knob and open the door so  I slammed into the door. “John you have got to be more careful” He said as he looked up from the newspaper.



“Gotta go!” I yelled. I raced to the bus stop and jumped on the bus just as the doors were closing. The Harveys were sitting in the back sniggering and watching me as I sat down.


I watched the mountain landscape of New England as we drove by and in 12 years that view never failed to amaze me. Sometime later… “So you’re planning to break into the Harvey’s house!?” said Kay “Yes” I stuttered “You’re freaking crazy!” Kay cut me off “Is your project that important?” “Yes it is to me” I shot back. “Although you still owe 10 dollars for the bet” Kay said. He smiled sheepishly as I handed him the 10 bucks. The bell rang for the end of school and  on the way home I thought about if this was a good idea or not and when I thought about it , I’m 12 and I am going to break into to a bully’s house. So when I got home I heated up some mac & cheese and curled up on the couch and took a nap.



“Hello anybody home?” my Dad called “Yeah I’m home!” I yelled. I heard my Dad supposedly coming up the stairs and he said “Hey buddy what’s going on why are you taking a nap are you feeling okay?” “I’m fine Dad except for the fact that the Science Fair is tomorrow and I don’t have a project” I replied. We had a quiet dinner, I did some of my homework and went to sleep. My heart filled with dread as I woke up the next morning because today was the Science Fair. I got up sluggishly and went downstairs I made myself breakfast and my dad was drinking his coffee “Well you’re up early today” my Dad noticed “Yeah…” I reply I finish breakfast brush my teeth and I walk over to the bus stop. 30 minutes later… “Today class we will be spending most of our time at the science fair.” Mr Wilsbury announced. When we walked over to the gym (where the science fair takes place) I went to the judge/rule keeper and asked him “May I looked at the sheet where everybody has signed up?” he said “Sure” He handed me the sheet and I pointed at the Harvey Brothers “See those boys Max and Philip Harvey they aren’t on the list and you see they stole my project I am on the list of participants” I pointed to my name “So can we clean up this mess and may I have my project back?” “Yes I see what’s going on” the judge replies and walks over to my project with the Harvey boys standing behind it and they look starstruck and walk sadly away from my booth. The judge motions me to come and I give him the explanation and everything that I had. Later everybody was asked to enter the theatre where the awards were being called out. “In first place prize money of 500 dollars goes to John Allegro Green!” the announcer shouts everyone claps as I walk nervously up to the stage to get my prize I hold the Platinum Vial as the prize.


The End

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