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Poem Of My Family

My family is a house.


My mom is the kitchen she cooks and cuts and makes,

My dad is the computer he sits and downloads and finds information,

And I am the luxury room and I just sit back and relax.

Lawn Boy


This book is about a boy that gets a mower and is then called lawn boy. He got money for mowing gardens. Lawn Boy gets helpers that mow gardens for him. The money that the helpers get my mowing gardens goes to Lawn Boy. Lawn Boy has in total 15 helpers. In my opinion that is a lot for a 12 year old boy. On a rainy day Lawn Boy and his friend calculated he had 8,000 dollars in  half of the summer. So if he keeps the job he will get in total 16,000 US dollars. Now that’s a lot of money for Lawn Boy, but do you think he will keep up his job?

Yes No

What do you think?




  1. My connection is that at my granny’s house I always get money when I go to her and mow the garden
  2. I also wants drove a mower.


I think this book is good because it tells a story that if you work hard you get lots of money. And it is also funny and that grandmas aren’t always boring. Its good to be  like lawn boy he did not show off with his money. But I think the  book can get  better by having more excitement


this was our math problem that we had to solve.

Budget surveys

Persuasive Essay

Here is my persuasive essay that I did with Aiden, Caitlyn and Mai-Linh.

Art One Point Perspective

This is my best work because I like the effect and it is 3D. I used ink and the nib to do this. And I used the one point perspective.  So it was chosen to be my best work.

 one point perspective.
one point perspective.

X Box 360

X box 360
Most Students would like to have a room with an electronic device in it like the X Box 306. Surely then UNIS will be the best school.
You can use the X box if you need to research for information on the internet. You can use YouTube and internet explorer for research. Above all it helps as a backup for your tablet.
If students are bored and are sitting on the bench. The playground is much too babyish for grade five students the slide is too small and we aren’t allowed to climb around the climbing place. As a result we can use the X Box.
It helps children concentrate on a Monday morning with the Adventure game. It helps kids exercise and it helps the teachers to get the students in action when they are tired. And everybody can make their own avatar the avatar is good because it is like a folder like the desktop. Above all it saves the stuff that you did on your account.
As a result each grade five and maybe grade four classes and the high school get their own class X Box 360.
knectpeopleimagesCA4CENFDx box 360 x box peoples


winter break

I had a 3 week Winter Break there was good news and bad news. The good news was I went skiing with my best friend Richard. He was kind of annoying as he always did the same thing I did. For example I wanted pizza and he wanted a pizza too. Then on the way back we went to my mom’s house and we had to shout because she could not hear us. At last she came and we had no voice. Now we are back and have jet lag. I think it mainly was a great holiday because I got to go skiing.

Small Pete

There was once a boy called Pete who lived in Hanoi city at To Ngoc van, he had blond hair and lots of freckles. Pete loved to eat junk food like candy and chocolate. He loved to go to the supermarket.
Suddenly Pete has to go to the supermarket. But Pete first needs a taxi extremely fast because he was so hungry. Then it took him a long time to find one, so he was even hungrier. So they drove off, suddenly he was stuck in an extremely huge traffic.

When they came to the end of the extremely big traffic, he was even hungrier. But the worst thing was that he was too late to go into the supermarket. But the people were extraordinary kind, so they let him in. Pete was in an enormous hurry so he just bought chocolate, candy and all the Unhealthy stuff.
When he came home he ate all the stuff that he bought, because he was so hungry. But the stuff that he bought was all candy. So the God said “he needs to learn a lesson” suddenly he became smaller and smaller but God still gave him a lot of vegetables Pete said” what is that for”. Then God answers “you will see”.

Then Pete went on an adventure. He was fighting huge mice’s (for his size) and owls all the animals that can eat him. But he was lucky because one animal liked him and it was a mouse that helped him fight so one day the mouse brought Pete to a strange place but then he saw another man that was as small as him. The strangest thing was that he looked like Pete. Pete asked how he can get bigger whisper… after telling Pete how to get bigger he went back home.

So then back home he ate all the vegetables that god gave him on the table. Suddenly he became bigger and bigger after being back in normal size Pete only ate healthy food and he never ever ate any candy.

The Healthy End.

Electricity Reflection

My favorite part of this unit was making our own electricity car because my car was the only car that was moving. And the smoke coming out of the battery it stank like something is burning. And it was burning. And of curs don’t forget making the circuit. Aiden and I did a so long light circuit.

Camp Reflection

Travel to our famous class trip

I went on a three day class trip and we went by bus. The bus ride took two hours. The bus was giant. We went to the gigantic V resort. We went hiking and we had a disco to we even had a swimming pool. There were two goals to play.  I shared a room with Eng. And Vincent OH and don’t forget our good resort. And the cold swimming pool. We went on top of a big hill but weren’t be allowed I went on a three day´s class trip and we went by bus. The bus ride took  to go down the other side of the hill.   


The muddy hiking trip

My favorite thing was hiking. The hiking was very muddy.  My clothes were muddy too.

My mother had to clean all of my dirty clothes.


The disco

And the best thing was the disco. I did not like the light because it was too light. We did a performance at the disco.

The disco was a bit boring.


The cold swimming pool

Most of the time I went in the swimming pool.

The swimming pool is big and there is another one that is small but it has hot water in the swimming pool. The big swimming pool is cold because it is outside so that the rain made the swimming pool cold. The small swimming pool was inside so no rain came in and the room is heated.


The horrible meals

The food was not so good.

The food was always Asian food.



I had a good time at the V Resort.

It was fantastic!

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