3 Apr 2015

Eng06 Poem Collection

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21 Oct 2014

Memoir G06

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My Memoir                              The Time The Jellyfish Stung Me

By: Aiden Center

    The story starts like this:  I was a six year old boy that has blond hair, blue eyes and loves to go swimming at the beach. The day was very hot and sunny I just had the best breakfast of mais, hot cooked cornmeal. I was driving down the road that I drove down every time to get to the beach. I could not wait to feel the splash of water hit my face and get out of the hot sun.

So once we got there I started swimming when all the sudden I saw a jellyfish. The jellyfish was transparent. It was waving its tentacles like it was dancing. But since I  saw this jellyfish everyday that I came here I was not scared. So like always I stared at it and admired its magnificent beauty.

But today I decided to touch it. So then I reached out to it and at first I  thought I would be fine but then all the sudden it stung me! It felt like a lighting bolt zapping me. I was freaking out, my finger was on fire, and I thought that I was going to die. I quickly ran out of the water with monstrous speed and ran to my mom and dad with my feet on fire from the sand as hot as lava .I finally reached them, but it felt like ten years before I got to them.Once

I did I quickly told them what happened. I shrieked “Mom! Dad! there was a jellyfish and it stung me!”

They were worried at first, but then they said that I should be fine and that I should just lie  down. So I did and everything was okay. It still hurt a lot, but I was just fine. After that I became  amazed by all the animals in  ocean and I decided that I really wanted to study them. By that time, my dream job had become to be a person who studies animals in the sea.

This event really changed my life, and is never going to leave my mind.

That is, unless less a bigger one comes along…

9 Oct 2014

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Regarde sur Haiku le bloc Les pays francophones

You have chosen a Francophone country.


Look for the following information in French in the Internet, use French websites!

Write full sentences in French only.

Use my example of France in the Haiku to help you.

Comment s’appelle ton pays?

Mon pays s’appelle la Belgique

Une carte de mon pays

A map of my country

image only

Où se trouve ton pays?

Where is your country?

Use these words to help you:

à coté de = next to

full sentence

la Belgique est à l’ouest de l’Europe, à coté

de la France, du Luxembourg, de l’Allemagne, des Pays-Bas

Comment s’appelle la capitale?

What is the name of the capital?

full sentence

la capitale s’appelle Bruxelles.

Bruxelles est au centre de la Belgique.

Quatre grandes villes de mon pays

Four main cities in my countr

full sentence

les villes principales s’appellent: Bruges,Liège,Namur et Anvers.

Bruges est au nord-ouest,

Liège est à l’est,

Namur est au centre,

Anvers est au nord

Les couleurs du drapeau

The colors of the flag

full sentence

les couleurs du drapeau sont le noir, le jaune et le rouge

Une image du drapeau

A picture of the flag

image only

La langue

The language

full sentence

les Belges parlent le français et le hollandais.

Le nom des habitants

the name of the inhabitants

full sentence

ce sont les Belges

Un personnage célèbre de mon pays

A celebrity from my country

image + full sentence

Jacques Brel est un personnage célèbre Belge

Mon personnage célèbre est…

My celebrity is …..

Mon personnage célèbre est Jacques Brel

C’est un artiste belge.

Il est un chanteur.








Un plat de mon pays

A dish from my country

image + full sentence

Mon pays plat est moules frites.

en Belgique les Belges mangent des moules frites

La fete nationale

The national day

image + full sentence

la fete nationale belge est français.

22 May 2014

This is a poem that i made in class

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Poem for My Family


My family is a dragon always strong and fierce! My dad is the scales powerful and sharp as they cut through the wind never holding back!

 My brother is the brain coming up with the strategies for hunting and staying alive the easiest way possible.

 I am the heart always beating with the power of a burning fire steady and strong. I hold everyone together with the power of one hundred raging loins! This is my family always together for if one stops working we will all die!  



16 May 2014

peom UNIT

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In the poem unit so far we have learned about all different kinds of poem types. Then after that we all got to go out and make our own poem I made an acrostic poem it was so fun.

7 Mar 2014

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This week was the first week to the exhibition. The exhibition is a thing in school where you chose a problem that you feel strongly about. I am doing homeless children because I really hate seeing all the kids out on the street not having the opportunities   that we have. I find this topic to be very interesting. I really hope that I can help. Will you believe in me?


7 Mar 2014

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Wasting Water

In this we had to Make a essay about something that we care about and here is my.

Water is the source of all life. But because of the pollution and wasting water everyone like you or me or even animals die each day because lack of water. In this essay I will talk about four main problems. Which include, does air pollution add on to the wasting water? What is happening to the water? How much water do we waste a day and how much water is fresh but polluted? I think that this Is a big problem and when you are done reading this I hope that you now know how bad this problem is. I will be including facts and detail to help support my main idea.

Why does air pollution add to water pollution? Yes it does.  I will tell you this pollution to the air makes the rain worse and just ruins the plants that you try so had to grow by using water. And did you know that air pollution affects living beings more directly and rapidly because of exposure through breathing. It is therefore not surprising that, among the harmful effects for human and animal health, respiratory problems like asthma are those most frequently encountered. The explosion of industrial activities and the heavy use of energy-intensive methods of transportation cause staggering amounts of pollutants to be released into the atmosphere. Mexico City, for example, has the unenviable distinction of being one of the world’s most polluted cities. Located in a basin surrounded by mountains, it teems with over 4 million cars, 27,000 microbuses and 92,000 taxis that consume close to 14 million litres of fuel each day. The number of cases of pulmonary disease, especially in children, is soaring. The air is also a powerful vector that carries toxic substances over hundreds, even thousands, of kilometers before they fall to the ground with precipitation (rain, snow). In agriculture, it is estimated that from 60 to 90% of chemical sprays don’t reach their target! Many products employed vanish quickly into the air after use and enter the environment. Animals are then exposed to these toxic substances in their food and water. A dump is unappealing, to say the least, and nobody wants to live in one. However, our beautiful blue planet is gradually being transformed into this very thing, stuck forever by the rubbish being emptied into it. But pollution may be precisely the reason that steps will be taken to care for and restore our environment; if pollution affects plants and animals, then it affects human health as well. Man therefore has no choice but to act: otherwise he too may join the list of endangered species. that will be really sad. Don’t you think? We too will be die let’s say in 500,000,000 million years some aliens come to earth and find nothing there it is just a blank rock floating through the solar system. It has no purpose it is just a thing. So they blow it up so it makes space for the new planet that has tons of aliens on it! I don’t want that. But my question to you is do you want that? It makes me sad to see every day the world getting worse, Instead of better. Please before we join that list of endangered species let us at least try. Because we are better than this! We have lived this long so it is time that we help the earth live this long please. HELP!




So what is happening to the water? Well the thing that is affecting the fresh water the most is pollution. Pollution makes the water undrinkable and dangerous for people to drink. It even kills animals. The second thing that is happening is leaving the water on. Most people leave there water on not knowing what is happening around them. 20% of what is happening to the fresh water is leaving the water on. Some cities are even relying on other cities to supply them with water. But what will happen when that city runs out? Then what do you? Rely on the next city and the next till the whole world runs out. Do you really want that to happen? I do not. Like right now America is relying on ground water that is really sad. What will happen when they run out of ground water then they all will die! Think around 7 million people died  because you wasted way to much water! This will effect even you. By wasting water you are literally killing yourself! Do you want to be your own murderer and even if I do not know you I still care for your life! I do not want to see anyone die, friend, family or even your rival. Please stop wasting water before it is to late. I may not know what the future holds but I do know that it is not good! Please stop before it is too late. This is my last fact for this question the UN say that by 2025 that 1.8 million people that live in water scarce regions will be under water. I hope that you are not one of those people. Still one of your family members could live there and it will still hurt you knowing that you are the cause of their death. So please stop water wasting before you or your family get hurt  or one of your friends! Please stop this before it is too late. And your friends are dead do you really want that? I don’t. All ready thousands of people are dying each day, it is really sad. Too think tomorrow it might be you and the next day your family because today is tomorrow and tomorrow is today. What I mean by this is that all the days are the same up until the last day of earth we will continue to die. This is awful future if we do not stop water pollution! Come now you can make a difference! Even if it is big or small. Come and try and if you really want to you can buy your own river and take care of it and clean it that will help a lot to save the water.  See you too can make a difference call 111.777.888 to buy your own river.

So how much water do we waste a day? Scientist believe that we use 783.000.000 gallons of water a day. That is a lot of water. Now think of how much water we use a week, even a month. If we keep going on like we are now scientist believe we will run out of water in 2070. That is not that far away. Please stop wasting water before it is too late. If you do not your children will not have water and their children will not have water, therefore killing off the whole human race. I do not want that to happen to me or your kids and I am sure you would agree with that? Stop wasting water and this will not happen to your kids or any one in your family! My second reason is that it is rising. Every day the number 783.000.000 goes up by one. In the next year the number will be 783.000.365 and it will keep raising and raising. We are not the only things that live on earth. Some animals do not have any water so they die. Scientist believe that 1,000 animals die a day from having no water! That is really sad. Please stop wasting water before there are no more animals on earth. Your dog or cat could be next but if you stop wasting water all of the animals will be saved and you can live knowing that you saved your pets and your neighbor’s pets. Would you not like knowing that you saved thousands of lives! I would! Now go make the world a better place. For you and for everyone! Stop this we used to live without pollution so we can do it again! Al you need to do is believe!

How much water is not polluted? Well around 2.3% of earth’s water is fresh but with pollution that number drops down alot, it is now at 1.5% of water is fresh water. When that number runs out what do you think will happen? Do you think that we will all die or do you think that we will find a way to live? A normal person can live up to one week without food but only three day without water! Think that could be you on your third day without water. You will die! Do you really want that! I sure don’t. If you stop pollution then that number will slowly rise back up again. And no one will die so stop pollution it will help in the future, I promise you. Now I hope that you stop wasting water and pollution because that will help a lot!

After reading this I hope that you now know how bad this problem is.  PleasE stop this problem before it is too late. You can still save you friend, family and pets I know that you will do the right thing and stop wasting water and pollution. I might be asking for a lot and I know that we can never really stop everything but we can try. We can help a little even if we just stop using gas for a day. It will help just a little but it is still something. I really do not want to see anyone die and just to finish this off there is one more fact. Did you know that 3.575 million people die a year that is so much in so little time. To think one of those people could have been one of your family members or a friend. I really hope that it is not you that dies next. Please stop this before it is too late and you and me are dead! Now go and do something about wasting water. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFORENCE!

Written by, Aiden Center

P.S What do you think do think that you can help or your neighbor can do? Well one way you can help is by just getting the word out there. After you get the word out there it will raise awareness on how you can help and show them my website and tell them that you should pass it onto your friends.


Written by Aiden Center


20 Feb 2014

Artist Statement

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Your Artist Statement: Explaining the Unexplainable
Each Grade 5 student will have to upload a picture of their drawing and add an artist statement to go along with their chosen drawing onto their blog. Artist statements have become an essential part of artmaking as it helps the audience experience and better understand what you are showing them.
Use these guiding questions to write the artist statement about your drawing:
1. What did you chose to draw and why did you pick that particular animal, building, type of city.
I chose this animal because I find eagles interesting and cool.
2. What drawing materials did you use? (a variety of pencils, charcoal and conte, pastel, Indian ink with brush and nib, scratchboard with etching tools, outlining with marker)
I used scratchboard with etching.
3. What special technique did you practice in this drawing? (shading, cross-hatching, texture lines, one point perspective, smudging, blending, careful attention to details, expressive lines, using brush and water to change your value with the ink, etc.)
Textured line and cross hatching.
4. Why did you choose this drawing as your best work? (because you used themedium well, it shows your best drawing from the unit, you like the ef fect of the technique, you like the composition-how you placed the drawing on the page, etc.)
it shows my best drawing from the unit.
Aidan 5DL

29 Jan 2014

Stop Homework

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Stop homework!

         Most people would agree homework is bad, I have found information to support my reasons after this. I hope you will agree and stop homework!

Studies have shown that the more homework you get the worse you do on your tests and you get bad grades. This is because you spend so much time on homework you don’t get enough free time. So you will slowly do worse and worse on your tests and then finally you will only get F’s. Do you really want that for your children? They will get no job bad grades and they will not even go to college. Stop homework and this will not happen, they will live a good life with a family and they will make enough money and live in a great big house. Wouldn’t you agree?

My second reason is teachers are trying to give more homework with less time in other words it means that they will give you thirty pages of homework and there are only three days of the week left isn’t that a lot of homework for only three days to finish and if you don’t finish they give you more homework till you stay up all night trying to finish it.  By the time that homework is done the next week comes and you get even more homework do you really want your kids doing page after page of homework. You wouldn’t have any more family time. You and your son will get farther away till you guys don’t even hang out any more. Stop homework and this will not happen, don’t you want to hang out with your child?

My final reason is that the more homework you get the worse you will feel. Some kids stay up till 12:00pm trying to get all thirty pages of homework done and when they finally get up and go to school they feel dizzy and so tired that they faint. Do you want this to happen to your child? Don’t you want your kids to be safe? As they are falling they might hit their heads on a wall and die do you want that to happen to your child? Stop homework please before it is too late! This could be happening to your child right now! Do you really want that! Do the right thing and stop homework! I know I would!                        


All the evidence show that homework is bad and just think if you do stop homework then you can spend even more time with your child! Wouldn’t you like that!

Stop homework please before it is to latte!


Made by Aiden Center

17 Jan 2014

Winter break

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Winter Break

        I just had a three week winter break it was great! First we took a plane ride to Chicago and then a plane ride to Missouri. Next we went to my house we arrived on my birthday so we had a party right when I got there. The party was great we had cake and cookies it was delicious. After that we went to an arcade with three of my friends. It was one of the most fun thing we had ever done. Finally we came back to Vietnam. I got to my apartment and my friend invited me to their house. It was great fun and I hope we have another break because that was great.