29 Oct 2014

Creating a Culture

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Our name for our culture is Dagwood. We, the two inventors of this culture both love the aspect of living in the forest. We chose that living in the forest would be hard for both the people and the forest. So our number one rule is no huge pollution due to the fact that we live in the forest. The word “Dagwood” means a shining forest. We decided to name our culture that is because we do have a very special celebration called “Light Up the Forest” We made up this celebration because we want the light to represent everyone feelings about living and protecting nature and our forest. During this celebration, everyone has to light up an LED light to brighten up the forest, we chose to light up an LED light instead of a candle is for safety reasons. We don’t want the forest or the people to be in danger. This is why we chose to make our culture name “Dagwood”.


Well, we live in the meadow forest and in a modern city. In the forest, we highly disagree on big pollution by the people, we do this to not cause the forest to be polluted. We would like people to be as safest as they can in the forest. Living in the forest is a big part of our culture, the reason why we chose to live in the forest is because we want to carry on our generation, way back when our ancestors lived in the forest too. Another big reason is we care a lot and also love nature. We also use bridges to get around, we do not use roads. We like the idea of brides because we think it’s creative and exciting to just walk on bridges, no roads, nothing else. We all are trying to be as eco friendly as we can because we don’t want to destroy our home.


We also live in a modern city, in the modern city is where we pollute a bit more, where all the factories are, where we mainly make money to live. But all the pollution we try to keep it as far away as possible from the people that live here. We have roads in the city, unlike in the forest where we use bridges to get around. Because around here we use transports like cars, motorbikes. But these cars and motorbikes are battery powered. We do this because we are scared it will pollute the city and more important the forest.


We have a split in the middle of our city, half is a forest and half is a modern city. We thought, if we live in the forest, why not have all houses made in a tree house style. These houses are made out of wood, we build our houses in a very safe way, to protect the people. We like living in tree houses because we all this got passed down by our ancestors and we would like to keep it going. Keeping our ancestors creations is a big thing for us. We also love nature and the forest itself, this is another reason why we live in tree houses. In the city we live in modern houses, we chose to live in modern houses because all of us also love the look of modern things, another thing is we wanted to compare the old with the new. By that we mean compare the olden days with the modern days. But we still wanted to keep the aspect of living in the forest.

In our forest we also have a monument, it is a heart made out of bushes. This is to represent our love for nature and to protect nature. We all take care of nature, preventing our forest to get destroyed. Another monument, we have it located in our city, it is a skyscraper tree house this is to represent the forest, for the people who lives in the city, it is made out of wood, we have steels to hold it up high. It is also used to represent protecting the forest and nature1.JPGCapture.JPG


Our language we speak is English because our culture had developed english from others since the beginning and also it’s an easy and international language. We also had many foreigners, from the past, we also developed from them too. Our ancestors used to travel all around the countries, they had learned to speak many different languages, this had been also passed down to us. Our county speak all kind of languages, from English, Chinese, German and many more.


It’s up to the people, they choose on what to wear because we want this to be an equal culture. But we don’t allow clothes that offend anybody, we want to respect people from different countries and religion. But we have 2 traditional clothing choices, for the people who lives in the city, the traditional clothing would be…

 For the people who lives in the forest it would be a leaf suit because we want to represent ourselves that we appreciate nature and our culture together. We also do this because it represents our history, when our ancestors had to wear these clothes because they didn’t have any other, they also lived in the forest just like us, everything that we follow got passed on by our ancestor.


In our culture, we have many different traditional food. The main thing about our culture is being equal. We all like to be equal so we came up with these kinds of food. Steak salad sandwich, pork noodle, chicken pasta, happy banana ice cream and many more kind of meats, we also have a season called hunting season, that’s when we hunt for our own food but we have a rule that not kill to many animals. This is why we have many kinds of meat for a traditional food. We have lamb, pork, rabbit and more. The reason why there are these kinds of food is because we all had a vote, many people chose many different things, so we came up with an idea to combine these things into one kind of food, we did this because we thought about the aspect of being equal, to combine the all kinds of food to create one kind of food.


As we live in the forest, we tend to use wood as our main source of material so the kind of instruments that we play are all made out of wood, there are like guitars, flute, cello, clarinet and many more. People all around our country at least knows how to play one instrument, sometimes the families tend to arrange a music gathering, everyone shows what song they can play, their skill. We like to listen to blues or jazz because we had been passed down by generations by our ancestors. They had adopted these skills by traveling to places like where jazz originated from, New Orleans, and where blues originated from, African-American. Many of us have created our own Blues/Jazz songs that we practice and it represents us who we are.


Many of our arts are also made out of wood, we use wood to carve out things, make sculptures, paint and many things. We love the look of wood, the texture it can create, the many design people can make out of it. We challenge people to think outside the box to be creative, to see what they can do with only wood to make art. We don’t just want people to make simple things, they also could make things that represent them, just things that are creative.


In our government, our number one rule is equality. We do not allow any kind of pollution because we want our city and forest to be as clean as possible and to keep the people happy. Our society will be a kind, Eco friendly. We would like peace, not have war, we all would like to be safe and to protect our country.  Because we had seen many countries which have many pollution in the city, causing diseases, sickness etc. Everyone is kind and happy. Our government sometimes pays for the things that people can’t afford. We care for all the people, we pay for serious things.. We would like to have an equal society. But we will ban people not being equal, everyone should be treated fairly and be equal. We also would ban big pollution, we all would like to be healthy and to protect our country. We do not tolerate littering, this will destroy the forest and the city, everything should be clean to prevent any disease.  


We will be making money by logging and selling wood but we will replant the trees that we have cut down. We will be also selling animal products and agriculture like gloves made out of deerskin, leather products, wool and meat like beef, pork, chicken, venison, rabbit, lamb, vegetables and fruits. We shall make a few quarries to mine because our land is rich with sky blue topaz that we sell with stone, iron, copper, etc. Our city will have many attractions like the skyscraper spiral tree house with bungee jumping and we will have skydiving, climbing park, tree climbing, water park and many more. We shall build an international airport for travelling and earning money. And last we will be selling green energy.


Our currency is called Zenith and Ozols because we thought it was a unique name that was not yet invented in real life. 100 Ozols equal 1 Zenith and ozols are coins made of copper and nickel surrounded by wood to make a coin that looks like wood.  Zenith will be just a bill made of cotton and a imprint of our president.


Our Government will pay for hospital bills only if it is serious like a broken arm or something not if you have the cold or a scratch. The government will also pay for children’s study from kindergarten to grade 5 but after that the parents must pay for their education.


There is no cultural symbol but we do have a lot of holidays like Boom Day, Christmas, Halloween, Green Day, Light up the forest and Hunting season. The most important celebrations are Green Day and light up the forest. In Green Day people are not allowed to use electricity for a whole day and has to plant at least one tree. During Light up the forest we surround the forest with l.e.ds and turn it on at night so the forest would shine bright like a diamond.

The most valued activity is climbing, golf and jazz because we live in a forest and climbing is a great sport for that area and golf because we also have a meadow so its great for golf. Jazz is nice in a forest and it is kind of New Orleans jazz.

People can swim, do sports, golf, climbing, playing on the computer or just relaxing at home.


We will have a big school made of many tree houses connected by bridges and the school will have sections like Preschool, elementary, middle school and high school. Then there will be another build that would be the university and has the same concept for example if you are studying science you go there if you are studying this you go there.


We don’t really follow a religion because we want people to be free and pick what religion they want so its more fair than forcing them into following what religion we want them to.

26 May 2014

Spanish 2014

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In Spanish class we did a lot of things but the two items i will be talking about will be my Tet calender and my endangered animal video. In my endangered animal video i chose the Amur Leopard because i think that leopards a beautiful creatures so it would be a shame if the are extinct. Copy this link to see the video:


In my video i liked that i was organized and its not too long. In my video i could have talked more clearly and more quiet because i found that i was too loud and it was difficult to understand me.

19 May 2014

Cuc Phuong Trip Reflection

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Me and my grade (6) went to a national park in Cuc Phuong and we got to see loads of thing form jungles, grass, leaves to turtles, animals that are endangered and i don’t know their name and monkey’s.
In Cuc Phuong there was a lot of things i liked like the food, activities (except for the thousand year old tree hike) and the place where i stayed, Mac Lake. We ate a lot of things like pork skewer with the sticks taken out,  pork cutlet and so on. My favorite activity was Pictionary because my team instantly understand even though we drew like 4 year old kids.
Well that is all i will talk about the trip the rest you should find out.
16 May 2014

Science Biomes Cube

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In science we made a cube of a biome with different animals from that biome. My groups biome is streams, river and lakes. In our group i think we did pretty well. Our group had a bit of trouble at the beginning like thinking of the top predator and animals or fishes that live in that biome. Finally after searching the internet a lot we found a food web about lakes and rivers. After finding that everybody finally stated to remember animals that live in lakes and rivers. WE still had a bit of trouble trying to think about the biggest threat in the lakes and rivers. Finally Miss. Lepry came and helped us he said we should do it on Australia because the have alligators and so we did. While i was drawing the alligator the rest started to add the animals that live in lakes and rivers in Australia. Then on the last day where the kids were about to come the alligator drawing disappeared so i had to draw a new one that i thought is better because its cute. Finally at the end everything turned out well. We just got lucky at the end.

Here is a photo our photo:


16 Jan 2014


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There is a nice book call Iqbal about a boy who got free from child labor and is helping freeing others. There are many versions of Iqbal such as the graphic novels where they capture him but he could go home while the one I read didn’t. I think that they are all different because I think that people don’t know the real story so they think their best on trying to make it up. I also think they are different because the family say or the charity say that they should not say the real story.

13 Jan 2014

Math Semester 1

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Math is a fun, hard, stressful and sometimes boring subject. We learned a lot in the first semester like angles, division and more. My favorite part was making the parabolic curve because it included making something awesome that is making a diagram then writing numbers and lines and coloring. It was sometimes stressful (most of the times not) because it was sometimes a lot of homework like 500 pages (really just two pages with a lot of stuff) and they are due tomorrow.

31 Oct 2013

English Courage

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I think they are right in SOME ways. I agree not a lot of kids are courage’s because there is the internet and stuff like that but still its kind of offensive  because some kids are courage. But NOT all children play on their fancy PC and their PS3 Some children play outside like me Duc and Min Jun because we play outside and definitely not BB wars. but mostly its true that kids isn’t that courage’s like they wouldn’t risk their lives trying to catch a thief or something so it’s 99.999999999999999% true  sometimes kids get abit over the line and do stuff like that they could DIE and if they did such thing its very dumb.

18 Nov 2012

Reading Journal

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Today in what i read in Brother lion heart was that in the next day Scotty rode off after getting attacked by wolves last night. When he was riding he rod by past some wolves and they chased them on the way there was a steep cliff where Scotty and his horse went. Scotty was luckey to not die or get hurt. When they were at the bottom of the steep cliff the wolves didn’t come down because it was too steep for them but the strange thing was that it was already night again so he went up a hill that was very high and a the top was something like a cave. There was already burt wood on the floor so that means that Jonathan was there aswell so Scotty went to sleep thinking he was brave and catching up with Jonathan.


But before he selpt very deeply two of Tengil’s men came up too. They put their horsese in the cave where they are and luckly Flalar the horse didn’t make a sound. The men made a camp fire out side Scotty was woundering what are they doing? A few minutes past and then Scotty found out by listerning they were waiting for the traitor from Cheer Vally and not only that also about Jonathan they said they still haven’t found him yet later a nosie came from down the hill someone was coming up and it was a traitor but Scotty couldn’t belive his eye’s the traitor was………………JOSSI!!!!!!! But Scotty couldn’t understand why him soon he found out he was getting all cosy with me and Jonathan then we would belive that he was trust worthy then kipnap them. He was talking about Scotty not brave and staff like that but what they didn’t know was that Scotty is lying there in the dark listening. When Jossi left the men fell asleep snoring so loud like a pig but any ways Scotty fell asleep.


Well that’s all i read for now and i wonder what will happen next time.


In the story the book siad that Scotty fell asleep in the dark it reminded me in my summer holiday my brother and father went to somewhere i can’t remember and i was alone in the tent in the dark and i was scared but i went to sleep later.


What will happen when Scotty gos back to Cherry Vally and Jossi catch him?

9 Nov 2012

My Expirement

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I did a expiriment with Boo Sung and Chieeee. Our expirement was seeing in witch metierl will become hotter faster. We found out by putting candle wax on metal, glass and ceremic the fastest one was metal. 3rd Glass:: 6 minute 52 seconds & 56 millisecond. 2nd Ceramic mug: 4 minute 36 second & 38 millisecond. 1st Metal: 2 minute 23 seconds and 97 milliseconds!

9 Nov 2012

Trol Sports Morning In UNIS

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Hello peps sport morning in unis was FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! we got to do many things there. My favoirt activity was high jump, long jump, 80m run and 400m run. Even if i suck at running i still like it. The activity i didn’t like the most was…………SHOTPUUUUTTTT! It was something i was not good at but it wasen’t because of that it was because it was so hardddd to get 3 points. I was really excited when i heard mr.Dave say that bufferlos was in jumps. My record in grade 5 high jump is 1m long jump is 3m 10cm. I hope this is what we will do in grade 6.