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Name and brief explanation of history:


Name: Hallaria


The founding members were originally a group of fishermen. Whilst on a fishing trip, a storm hit in their area of fishing and destroyed their boat. They were shipwrecked onto a large island nearby. The first few days were harsh and difficult, but eventually, they used their leftover fishing tools for food and used dried banana and coconut leaves for fires for cooking and keeping warm and they used fallen trees after a storm to build huts and small houses. Slowly, they developed into a village, town and eventually a city.


Map and environment






Hallarian: It originates from the name of the culture.


Hello: Barloh

Bye: Holrab

How are you?: Liora est kina

Good: Alria

Ok: Vesnia

Not good: Nokel

Sun: Gara

Moon: Palna

Clothing and fashion:


Females wear grass clothing and males wear clothes made if boarskin. The female clothing symbolizes how when they arrived to the island, their clothes were torn and wet, so they used used leaves, while men did hunting and killed boar for meat and for their skin for clothing.


Female Child

Clothes - Female - Child.jpg

Adult Female

Clothes - Female - Adult.jpg

Child male

sword_art_online_base_male_by_meganyannyan-d5itsuk copy.jpg

Adult Male


Traditional food and cuisine:


The traditional food that is eaten is Ulav, which is fish baked in banana leaves. In the very beginning of their culture, when they were first shipwrecked on the island they had their leftover half-broken fishing tools and bananas from the tree around them. The bananas were eaten, the peels were dried and burned for fire and the leaves were wrapped around foods to give the food more flavor, presentation and uniqueness.


Art, Music:

7.     What kind of music do people listen to?

People listen to pop music and music that other people in other countries listen to. Now, It’s a well-populated country-island with each little island being it’s own city so they listen to all kinds of music.



8.     What type of government will rule your society? What are the main rules of your society? Why? What kinds of behaviours would be allowed and what would be banned/prohibited?


Democracy – Every 4 years on February 29th a new leader is selected.



No killing people otherwise you get a life sentence in prison

No littering or loitering or else you get charged a fine of maximum 1000 Leeros

       No calling on the phone while driving or get charged a fine of maximum 10000 Leeros




9.     What type of economic system would you create? Why have you chosen this system?


The name of the money is Leero. There are 10 Alvo in each Leero.


Leero symbol:

Leero Symbol.JPG


10.   Are there any important cultural symbols, holidays, etc. that are important to your society?

February 29th is an important because it’s the day, every leap year, in which there is a new president nominated in the

capital city Ikiri, where the population is over 2 million. It is one of the most important days because it is the day that a

new leader is chosen for 4 years.


There is also something called the Golden Barebacked Alcanoid which is a special freshwater fish that can only be found in the rivers and streams of Hallaria. It is obnoxiously brightly colored and has no scales on it’s back giving it the “Barebacked” title.


11.   What are the mostly highly valued cultural activities and why? (art, music, sport etc.)



12.   What do people do for fun and recreation?


Swimming and fishing are very common on this island because they are surrounded by an Ocean.



13.   What is the education system structured like (what kind of schools, what ages, length, etc.)?


We have a normal educational system. Preschool to 12th grade. You enter preschool at the age of 4 and you get out of school at the age of 18



14.   Does your society follow a religion? Why? Why not?

Yes,they believe in the goddess of the sea, Crotus (Crow-tus), who spared the lives of the 7 people on the fishing boat the day of the storm. They worship her and the god of the weather, Goliare (Go-Lee-Air) who controls sun, rain and all the other elements of weather.


15. Create a word bank with ten words that describe the best values/attributes of your citizens (what you want them to be)?




Math video



In my math class a long time ago I did a math video. If you want to see it here it is:



Did you like it?

I choose number system because it was our first unit and it was a way to show that I remembered from the beginning. I think making this math video was fun because it was a fun way to make sure I understand.

I think I did well on the creativity and the question that I asked them at the end. What I think I did bad was explaining I should have explain with more detail.



Science video




Quarter 2 Reflection-Blog Post


In English B Phase 3 and 4 class, we have been studying Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes. This is a book by Eleanor Coerr about a 11 year old girl call Sadako who  lived in Japan . Through our book, we studied the concept of courage. We did this by making a poster, writing about courage and talking about it,.  To remember and reflect on the unit, I made a photo story  that includes photos about Sadako,explanation about  what I did this quarter , and what i liked and what I did not like. Here is my personal reflection about the quarter.



Sadako poem


Here is a poem I wrote about Sadako if you do not know Sadako go and read her book( Sadako and the thousand paper cranes).



 wow fast

 wins    a   lot

 can’t   race    anymore

  be    brave      you      are      sick




English unit 1 reflection


Englsih photos storyHere is my unit 1 wimpy kid photo story.

In English B Phase 3 and 4 class, we have been studying the unit question, “What makes a good story?”.  We read the book Diary of wimpy kid  and learned about literacy circle , How to write questions and How to write  entry’s  .Please listen to my personal reflection about the quarter.




The morst thing ever.


Hey there,

I will continue to talk about  Judy Moody.

Judy Moody forget  a little bit about her flower. She only thinks about her “Me Collage”. In her “Me collage” she has to add what club she is in. The problem is she doesn’t have any club. She goes  outside and  play with her friend. They try to find a toad  and catch it. Judy finds one, she takes  it in her hand. The toad pee on her  and on Judy’s  friend. They are the same. Judy find a club to put on her “Me collage”. The name is “T.P (Toad pee)”.

In her “Me collage”, she also have to put the worst thing ever. Judy has nothing to put in. Her and her mom go to the shop to buy a D.V.D. But at the shop there was Frank mother. She said “ Oh good choice for Frank present I am Shure he will like it”. Oo oh, Judy forgot about Frank’s  birthday. But she really hates Frank. Plus  he is a boy. She didn’t  want to go there. But to late Judy‘s mom brings her to Frank’s  birthday. At the birthday there where only boys and it was really boooooooooooring. But when everyone was gone, Frank and Judy  go  in Frank’s room to play. It was so cool they laugh a lot. It was not the worst thing ever.

So I have seen that the next chapter is “Definitely the worst thing ever.”



Judy Moody was in a bad mood. (Second part)


Hey there,

You remember Judy Moody? Well if you do, here is the second part.

Judy is not always in a bad mood, especially when she talks about her favorite animal. That was good for her because her homework tonight was questions. And one of the questions was “what is your favorite animal?” But not lucky for her parents, she wants another pet to be able to answer the question. Judy and her parents went to the shop. Judy could not choose which pet she wanted. She saw a flower with teeth.  She asked the lady “what is it for?” The lady replied “This is a flower that will help you get all your bugs at your house.” And 10 minutes later she was home with the flower. Judy asked her brother to go and find food for the class. Her brother was tired to get food. So he took a hunk of raw hamburger and gives it to the flower. The flower was dying. Judy yelled “you killed my flower!”

What do you think will happen next?

Think about it,  what would you say if your  sister or brother  killed your pet



Judy Moody was in a Mood.


Hey, The book that I am reading is “Judy Moody was in a Mood”. As you can guess Judy is in a mood, not a good mood, a bad mood. Judy is in a bad mood because it is the first day of school. I can imagine some of you had the same feeling. Judy has to wake up every morning and that is the moment her bad mood start. Judy wants to be cool for school but there are many reasons for not being cool. She wants to wear some cool clothes but she doesn’t have cool cloths. So she just goes down with her pyjama but her parents hate when she does that. So they yelled at her. At the bus stop Judy talks to her best friend. Judy says : “ They all have nice cloth.” Judy best friend replied : “ Do you like my cloth?” Judy said : “I hate them it is so ugly .” Her best friend didn’t want to talk to Judy after that. When Judy gets into class she sees her mean teacher at the desk yelling at student. Judy’s teacher said “Jud y you are late, sit down”. It was time for spelling. You have to know that Judy hates. So she doesn’t do it. So she gets in trouble. At lunch she was not selected to go and take the pizza.

For Judy it was a really bad day. And that why she is in the bad mood.

Did you ever have the same day has Judy? How was it?

Don’t tell the all class but I am like Judy every morning but only with my parents. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhutt!;-)



“Lulu”Je suis amoureuse.(Lulu, I am in love)



The book I just read was named “I am in love”(I translate for you.) That book is about a girl named “Lulu”. She is in love with a boy named  Alexis. But the problem is she  doesn ‘ t know how to tell him. She asks her best friend but her best friend doen ‘t  have any idea.

One day at school she finds that Alexis have a girlfriend. Lulu’s heart beat faster and faster. She doesn’t know what to say. And now Lulu can’t even play with Alexis because he stays with his girl friend. At the end of the day the girlfriend of Alexis named Jennifer came to Lulu and said “You know how Alexis loves me, he always give me present.” So Lulu run at her home and cries.

The next day Lulu’s best friend rush to Lulu and says “Alexis stop loving Jennifer because he finds out that she was mean to others, and he says his next girlfriend will be YOU!”

what do you think about this book?

I think the end is nice but the day that she finds out that Alexis have a girl friend it was sad. I  like that book.



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