This is the END!!!!!!!!!

June 9, 2014

THIS IS THE END! OMG this year has passed so fast! Why? Because I had fun every single DAY! Today is Monday and we have only 4 more days before the end of the school year. I remember at the beginning of the year when I was with my home-room for the first time, for me it was like a group for a game because I was used to being in my old home-room, and there were many people that I didn’t know. Today I know everybody and they are all my friends and I feel that they are my home-room now and not just a big group of people just for a game. I am sad to leave Vietnam this year (for summer)!

Next year, the same things might repeat because I would be with different people and it would still feel like a game!

Before I finish this post, I would like to talk about my favourite class. My favourite class is humanities because we had a lot of fun during the year and we also learned many things that I was not sure why we learn it and I find that super interesting. Also because with Mr. Ginder we didn’t just learn war and the time or history that we had to know 100% because we were going to have a test but with Mr. Ginder we learn more deeply, about why would humans do that and  I think this is a great way to learn humanities!

Bye Bye everybody have a great summer!!!

Camp Journey

May 14, 2014


Before camp:

Something that I am looking forward during this camp is what are the student of the Mai Chau school thinking about the technology. I am also looking forward for the food and I love walking so I am really looking forward to do the challenge hike.


Today was the first day of camp, we left school this morning around 9. I was happy of my seat in the bus because I was with Sonya Uyen, Luke, Anton, and many other! We played cards. I don’t really like my place in the room because I am not really with y friend. I also went to the chalenge Hike, it was REALLY COOL! I saw the house of Mai Chau and it’s really different then my!

PS: This camp going to be so cool!


What I liked today was the food,the open mike and taking a shower because I was so hot and it cool me down.

What I didn’t like is having a  headache during open mike.

I think the Vietnamese school, that we visit today, was really poor! When I saw the school I understood why UNIS was helping them. The school is poor but the students were really nice. I played with 2 boys of that school and they couldn’t speak English and I couldn’t speak Vietnamese but we could still play the game and have some fun, and I feel like this is amazing.


Today is the last day of camp! 🙁 The camp was really important for me because just before, I had a girl fight with Sonya and I new that we will be friends again at the camp. And I was right!

My favorite   part of the trip was the HIKE! I love waking so… YA! It was a lot of fun.

I think the teacher should be really proud because it should be hard to be 4 days no stop with us! B-)

Music performance

May 8, 2014

This is my saxophone performance. I think I was really stress so some of my note were to high. Next time I should be more relax.


video on tablet.

Gymnastic video

May 8, 2014

This was the gymnastic unit in PE. We had to make a gymnastic dance.  I think the resole is not to bad, but we could of make some better transition.


Video on my tablet.

Math video

April 11, 2014

It think I did a good video, I think what was good in my video was that I communicated well how to solve the problem. What I did bad was that I didn’t really explain why I chose that problem and making a list and Eliminating possibilities to solve it, so I think I could improve that.

Humanities game

April 3, 2014

Third part of Humanities project. (Reflection)

March 3, 2014

I watch:

Cool Watch

What I would change in the I watch is the design because it’s a modern watch so the design should be really modern. And so also the color could change too.

FLAR car:

Coo car

What could I change in the FLAR Car is may be make the wigs should be bigger. And have cool color like pink, blue,…

A alarm that you won’t forget:

Cool clock


What I would change in this alarm is may be a bigger glass of water and may be more button so you can change the music or the time,…

If I should choose one of them that I could make I would choose the FLAR car because I think people hate traffic so they would love to have that car. But there will be some problem, if too much poeple bye this car their will be traffic in the sky and on earth so it will not really change. So we will make this car really expensive so only rich people will have it.

The second part of the journey in Humanities.

February 27, 2014

My process to get to all of these was first to thing of a cool invention, and I remembered that when I was small I wanted to have a watch that could go on internet. So that is how I got my first idea. Then I looked around me and tried to find something that could be improved. And when I was small I watch these series that people change their car, so I ask my dad if we could do it and he said that I had to make the car fly to go to america. And I had the idea of this cool alarm because it’s so hard for me to wake up in the morning and I wented a alarm that could make you wake you up but special wake up,… So I invent this cool alarm.

Alarm that will wake you up for warranty.

Cool clock


You went to go back quick home but there is to much traffic? Bye the FLAR car!

Coo car


Oh no you forgot your phone! But you have the I watch! So no more problem!

Cool Watch

Start of Journey in Humanities

February 27, 2014

In humanities we are learning about creativity so we had make 3 invention. I invented a watch that if you graze it then a screen will come out and it will be like a computer you can do what ever you want, for example you can write a word document, write a E mail or also go on internet. My second invention was a car that can fly! So when there is too much traffic you can just FLY! My third invention is a Alarm that frown water at you 5 minutes after if you don’t wake up. And 10 minutes later if you still don’t wake up it will take your cushion and cover.

That is what I invent for Humanities.

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