6 Jun 2013

MYP A Video

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This is my MYP A (speaking) assessment. We were asked to talk about a city, of which you are very familiar with. I decided to do mine on Tokyo. We were asked to talk about one place you go, eco-friendly problems, how you can help make the city cleaner and so on.

6 Jun 2013

Spanish Podcast ft. Sam Alldritt

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29 May 2013

Fire Dance

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In this unit, we were asked to make a Polynesian fire dance (without real fire), in grups of 5. I was in Alex KD, Henry, Phong and Anh’s group. From this project, I learnt to coorperate in a group, and to focus when I focus and to take a break when I need. I am very proud of my dance, and I think we had a good dance because we got to choose our groups, and I chose people I can work with.

I really enjoyed doing KOTO as my community and service activity. Our job was to get  ready  to play sports with people from KOTO. Some of the sports were, football, badminton, basketball, and swimming. All of us were expected to be at the covered courts at 4:45 and get the equipment ready for the people from KOTO to come, and be able to play sports with us, straight away. Usually, I went to go get the balls to play football, with Phong. For each session, I played football with some people. However, somedays in the winter, it was too hard to see the ball in the second half of the session. Before 4:45, I usually stayed in the canteen and did some homework with my friends that do KOTO with me, and some friends that decided to stay back. After KOTO, if I go straight on my car, I would just make it to my Goldstar football training, which was perfect. I dont have any suggestions in terms of making my KOTO better for next year.

28 May 2013

P.E Gymnastics Video

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For our gymnastics unit, we were asked to make a floor routine in a group of 4 which consisted of at lease 5 balances, and some form of transitions inbetween them. We were given two chances to perform, and the one with the higher grade would be the final grade. My group included me, Hjalmar, Saskia and Sorcha.

Sorcha and Hjalmar tended to be very strong leaders which helped a lot when we were both practising and creating the routine. But since the both of them are very strong leaders, this caused an arguement, but everything else went smooth and well. Each of the group members cooperated in the making of the floor routine. I thought up the base of the transitions, which we ended up changing and adding onto. We did not have much homework, since we got a lot done during class, but when we had to think of transitions, I thought of the transitions for homework because we spent the day before thinking of the balances that we were going to do for the routine. Almost everyone contributed equally, but Hjalmar and Sorcha did a bit more and Saskia did a bit less, since she was gone for some of the lessons. People were respectful towards each other most of the times, except for the one time where we got into an arguement because someone almost dropped me, which could have turned into an injury. Most days, we had a goal and usually, we worked past the goal, and went beyond it. Since we did so, there was no need to set goals towards the last few class periods.

I learnt a lot from this activity. I learnt how trust was very important, which was an easy concept to understand since we got to choose our group members, and I ended up being in a group that I trust a lot and spent a lot of time with. I think this was a very important concept, since this was the only reason why we were able to do very complex balances. Time management was also a very important concept, since this project only lasted for 5 lessons or so, and setting goals for the first few lessons were crucial. I also learnt about pointing my toes and flexing every muscle in my body, was so important. Flexing my muscles allow Hjalmar to carry me up, very easily. Also, it looks a lot better than not flexing. Feedback was one more concept that was important. We got feedback after the first recording, which helped our second recording increase dramatically. The kind of feedback we got, was using symmetry, flexing my muscles to be carried up, and synchronization which are all concepts that help a lot in making our balances and our routine look a whole better.

During our Literature Circles unit, I read a book called “Schooled” by Gordon Korman which was about a hippie that has to go to school. Since he has been homeschooled his whole life, life at school is completly different to his other life. After reading the book, we were each asked to take a point in the story where we think the story could change, and write an alternate ending to it. This is my alternate ending to the book “Schooled”. From this activity, I learned to think outside of the box, and also to think from someone elses perspective. This was because we had to write in the style of the author, and it was really interesting writing as someone else. I really enjoyed reading this book and this activity because the author was very good at writing from a Middle Schoolers perspective.

30: Naomi Erlanger


I can’t believe it. I knew Zack wasn’t the best person on Earth but he took it way too far.  Lying to people that our hero was dead so that he could be at the top again? That’s only what losers do. A real freakazoid. I just couldn’t take it anymore.

“You liar!” You lied to all of us the Cap was dead just so that you…” I was just so shocked that words didn’t even come out of my mouth anymore. I could feel tears dripping down my cheek, down to my chin.

“You made all these people cry…” screamed Darryl. And before I knew it everyone that was there was shouting at these two people that were standing on the side of the stage. Zach Powers and Hugh Winkleman. Before I knew it, everyone was taking turns punching Zach. As soon as I punched him, I saw a tear fall onto the cold floor.


This might have been the best day of my life. Cap came back, and we made Zach cry. I thought today was an amazing day… until I saw our perfect Eighth Grade president crying in the corner. This was the first time I saw Cap not dealing things by meditating. In fact, he wasn’t dealing with them at all! I wanted to do something about the situation. I just didn’t have the guts to.

“Stop!” Sophie shouted.  Everyone stopped punching Zach. They looked at Sophie. And then looked at Cap. Who looked more like a furball than ever, since we couldn’t see his skin or his clothes. I felt completely terrible for Cap who just came back and doesn’t know what was going on. It was like the first day he came to school.


31: Capricorn Anderson

I had no idea what I was supposed to do. If I had told everyone that I was going to go back to Garland, none of this punching and crying wouldn’t have happened. Just the thought about that makes tears flow out of my eyes.


“It’s okay” Sophie said, “It was just that you were excited to see Rain and forgot to tell your friends that you were going to go back with Rain.

“But if I told them, Zach wouldn’t have been punched and he wouldn’t have cried”.

“No Cap, Zach was punched because he lied that you were dead”

This was the first time I realized we were starting to become more than friends. I stared into her eyes for a while. They were the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen on a girl. And in the corner of my eyes, I saw her make a signal to Naomi to tell her to turn the music on. This might have been from the experience at C Average School but, the words I had to say came to my mind.

“Sophie, will you dance with me?” Sophie smiled and we started dancing. It was amazing dancing with this gorgeous girl.

“Oh Cap… Thank you for the bracelet” As Sophie said that, her head tilted sideways and started coming closer.


Kissing Sophie was the best thing that has ever happened to me.

13 May 2013

Throwing Journal #3 – Javelin

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This time, I pointed the javelin at 45 degrees, and I pointed the javelin forward. This means that the javelin will fly both up and forwards, which means it will have a long air time, while still having the speed to go forwards. Pointing the javelin forwards is very important, because if I didn’t, hte javelin would have spun around in the air, and it would not be straight, which would cause the javelin to have a lot of air resistance, shortening the distance of my throw.
This time I stopped about 10 cm behind the line, which is the perfect place to stop, since this will mean that only 10 cm of my record is lost. I think being 10 cm behind the line is better than only being half a centimeter behind the line. This is because if I lose balance, there is a chance I will step over the line and get 0.00 cm as a result. However, if I am 10 cm behind the line, there is a bigger chance of me not stepping over the line, even if I lose balance.
My arm is almost completely straight, but it could be straighter. Having my arm out straight, is very important because this will allow me to bring my elbow out first, and then start throwing the javelin, which will help me throw straight, so that the javelin will not start spinning in circles, which once again, is important because this will reduce the resistance that the javelin is receiving, from the air. Having my arm straight is also important because this will bring the javelin backwards a bit, which would mean that the javelin has to travel a longer distance across my body, before I throw the javelin. If the javelin travel a longer distance across my body, I will have to twist more, which will give me more power in my throw.

Compared to my first throw, my throw has improved dramatically, since now my javelin points forwards, I point the javelin at a 45 degree angle, I step at the perfect spot, and I extend my arm a lot more, before I throw. All of these all build up to having more power in my throws, which will increase the distance that my javelin travels.

There is not much I can improve on, except for increasing the speed of the rotation of my hips. I could also work on extending my arms even further out. The last think I could improve on, is practising to not lose balance after I throw, so I can stop right before the line, which will increase my distance by 10 cm.

10 May 2013

Disecting an Owl Pellet

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In Science, we are learning about the human body. Right now, we are learning about the bones, and the skeletal system. Since owls swallow their preys whole, and regurgitate the bones and the fur, if we open up this furball, or Owl Pellet, we will be able to see what kind of rodents or animals it ate. When me and my partner did this, we found out that our owl ate a brown rat. We knew this because we found a skull, and we matched it up to a sheet that Ms. Miranda gave us. This is a picture of me and my partner doing the Owl Pellet Lab.

6 May 2013

Constellation Cube

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In Science our unit is about Astronomy which is about the stars, constellations, planets, and outer space in general. We were asked to create a constellation cube which had six sides. One for the myth for the constellation you chose, one for the drawing of the thing or animal that is in the constellation, the actual constellation, the constellation and the stars around it and when and where it is visible.

I chose Pisces which is a fish. It is a zodiac constellation which means that it is only visible on certain months. I chose this constellation because it was my constellation, since I am born on the 3rd of March. Here is a picture of my cube with the side which had the drawing of what my constellation is.