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Every countries use their own technology to improve their country. Therefore all the devises or techniques they developed have their own uniqueness. I chose this question, because I wanted to show 10 countries that the quality of internet is the best. Speed and cost of internet is included on the quality of internet. Also I wanted to show the countries where developed their own uniqueness in internet cafés. Some characteristics of country affects internet cafes. For example, China has uniqueness on population. China has tremendous amount of people who use internet, so Chinese internet café owners chose to use money on setting more computer instead of doing service like food delivery or setting more devises.


I found information by searching in Google. As my topic is topic that requires a lot of research, I had to use the websites that investigate how many people are using computers, how many users are in each country, comparison of speed of internet in each country, and comparison of cost of internet in each country. My ranking system contains 5 factors. If you look at the map, there is list of range how ranking system works. I used 4 of them out of 10 and one of them 3 stars. I gave one extra star to countries where the speed, cost or number of users is the best and I used them even though the stars are low, like China.


First one is speed which is out of 10. I though speed is the most important quality of internet, so I chose speed to be the most important. There few countries that got more total stars than Czech Republic, but I chose this country, the speed of internet was faster than the other countries. Moreover, I made the ranking for speed of internet harder. If you see the chart, difference between 1st fastest internet country and 2nd fastest internet country is 3 stars, even though the difference between them is only 3mpbs.


Second one is cost of the internet, which is out of 10. I thought the cost of internet is second, because even though internet is fast, if it is too expensive, people wouldn’t want to use it. I made Korea 1st, first time when I was making the map, because cost of money is second important. If you see my data you will see that Japan has the cheapest internet. I used the range of ranking system bigger than that of speed ranking system, but smaller than ‘number of people’ range, because it is less important than speed, but it is much more important than the speed of internet.


Third and fourth ones are number of users in one country and number of personal computers that are used, which are both out of 10 stars. I thought number of users affects, because more users there are, more companies or internet cafes are developed because there are many people using. I used number of personal computers that are used, because if I use number of people for ranking system, it would be unfair for countries that have not many people. However if I use this only, the advantage refers to countries where only little amount of inhabit. So I use this after choosing top 10 countries using 3 factors that are explained already.


Last one I used design or services of internet café, which is out of 3 stars. The reason for that is because if people visit the country, it is obvious that they are visiting internet cafe, unless they brought other internet devises. There are 4 ranking systems that are out of 10 stars, because they are quantitative data which means it is measurable, but I used design of internet café out of 3 system, because it is qualitative data which means it depends on perspective of each people.


The difficulties that I met was setting the range of ranking system and researching information. My first ranking system was giving 10 stars to fastest or cheapest countries, 9 stars to second and so on. However I realized that this is unfair for the countries that have really fast internet, but were eliminated from the list, because the cost is a bit expensive. So I set the range to solve the problem. When I research, one website was saying that Korea has 50mbps speed of internet, but one website was telling me that Korea has 14mbps speed of internet. I found out the realistic and true website by comparing speed of fastest internet that I have ever seen in Vietnam and those tables. Also showing speed and cost of the internet was too little, so I used designs of internet cafés and number of users. Another reason that I used those 2 is because I thought visitors have to use internet café unless they bring their own computers. So even though it is not quality of internet, I used it.


I think I was pretty successful on answering my topic question, because I listed 10 best countries for quality system of internet, but what I felt anxious was that as I write the description about countries that the ranking system is near 10, it was hard to write description, because there were overlapped part. Like Korea has the fastest internet, but Finland has fast internet. It was hard to write those description in different languages or way.

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