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Dans la cour de l’école, les étudiants étaient attente pour la classe à début. Quand ils étaient dans la ligne, le brouillon à dit que “leur maitresse est malade et ils auront une maitresse remplaçant” et ils étaient contents. Puis ils ont vu la maitresse remplaçant et était vielle et méchante. Ils ont su qu’elle devrait demander pour les réponses alors Agnan a dit leur le page qu’ils étaient supposé avoir lu. Après dans la classe, tous les étudiants ont su les réponses des questions. Agnan était très surprise que les garçons dans la classe et puis il est allé à le coin. Il n’a pas aimé la nouvelle maitresse alors il a donné elle des chocolats gâtés alors elle devrait être malade aussi.

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Do Our Tweeters Make Politics Sweeter?

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This unit in grade 8 humanities was citizenship, mainly digital and a lot about what makes a citizen, the rights and responsibilities. For this unit each student in the class was asked to pick out of a variety of interesting topic questions to do with digital citizenship. There were many categories such as privacy, health and future trends and I was considering questions like what has been the impact of WikiLeaks or should sites that advocate for anorexia be banned but I decided to go with what is the effect of Twitter on world politics. I chose this because I wanted to go for something I did not already have a decided opinion upon this subject, I did not know that much about it but was quite interested. I was not here for the first lesson we did it so I had one less researching day but I do not think it mattered too heavily because for my presentation the main researching skills I needed to use were those to find actually informative kinds of media that complimented what I was saying in my writing. Since I did create a Glogster I could not have that much writing to make it look unattractive so I had to utilise media such as videos, pictures and audio to get the information out. If I had done a website I would have probably written a very similar thing to a video I would have shown as well so I thought in my Glog there was no point overloading.

What is the effect of Twitter on world politics? That is a great question and one with many answers and this is my small explanation of how it is changing a couple different areas very strongly. Although there are many opinions about how Twitter affects world politics in the real world, there is not actually that much information on mine so I had to do quite a lot of finding and occasions where Twitter changed the way something in politics would have gone. I focus on two parts of politics in my Glog, how Twitter can aid political revolutions and I use one specific example frequently and how Twitter effects political campaigning which are two very different sides of politics but are connected through Twitter. I chose these because I believe these are two parts that are affected the most and to be perfectly honest they were mostly the only ones that had information in them. Most of the information about Twitter and politics out there is either articles from journalists or personal blogs so I could only really use the articles which limited my information. The most talked about political event to do with Twitter online was the United States presidential election in 2012 because it was the most talked about thing on Twitter which results in a lot of publicity.

The effect of Twitter on world politics is answered, I believe quite well by Rayid Ghani who basically states for his specific area at least, political campaigning, that it helps but is not everything, there are still many more things that matter. In my personal opinion, I believe that Twitter is changing politics in the fact that it is giving people a place to communicate with each other about things they think are wrong or right for their country. Also it is another medium for politicians to talk to the people of their given country but I still don’t think it is as important as when politicians go out and actually talk to people face to face.  I am sure there are many other sides of Twitter combined with world politics that I have not looked at but I believe that I made quite a good start in introducing the topic to a younger generation who might not view social media in terms of more serious aspects such as politics.

Here is my Glog and I really do hope you enjoy and is something seems a bit weird or is not working please comment what’s wrong so I can fix it.

English Celebration of Learning

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The first assignment from English that I would like to share with you is the journal that each student had to write. This journal consisted of 20 entries, 6 about English class questions, 6 about other UNIS classes and 8 about random subjects of my choice. The time given to finish this was around 2 – 3 months which seems like such a long time but when you are not getting it for homework and there is no pressure you tend to forget about it. I think that I managed it pretty well because about a week or two before the journal was due I had 15 journal entries which was pretty good. Of course there was still some rush in trying to finish every single one but I did not have nearly as much pressure as others. I do believe that some of my entries are actually very well written, these were usually those I enjoyed writing and there were some entries that were a tad more sloppy. I am very proud of some of the work I did in this journal, it shows some things that I enjoy and some of them I would love people to read.


This is a page out of my journal.


The second assignment I would like to tell you about is my book cover for the book “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” by John Boyne. There were some other requirements for this assessment which were that you had to make a new book cover, a new blurb, find awards and reviews about the book. At first when trying to come up with a good book cover that I could make myself I explored many, many different options but none of them seemed to be effective. Then I skimmed back through the book and found a very symbolic part of the book that could translate very easily onto a book cover, the tire swing. I believe that was my best decision in this assessment because the tire swing in motion can be connected to various different components of the book. This was fun I suppose but I was very scared because I do not think my best skills lie in the art department. I am proud of this work.

P.E’s Been Fun!

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This year in P.E we went through many different units: volleyball, swimming, movement composition, badminton and ultimate. I had done a few of these sports before in previous years in P.E but they were all approached slightly differently than they had been before. I am going to write about only one subject, volleyball but 2 different criteria which results in practically 2 different assessments.


The first one is the criteria C assessment which is based only your performance in the sport. For volleyball you were graded on the different aspects so you would be tested individually on those and also in your gameplay. For this I was quite well not exactly scared but something like that because I had volleyball in grade 6 and I was fine at it but as I gradually had more practice like in the ASA I started to improve on my skill especially in game play. Since mainly last year I came up with a goal in sports that I wanted to achieve and that goal was to get on the MRISA Volleyball team (and maybe become the captain) but it took quite a lot of effort. I really wanted to achieve a high grade in this not just because it was a high grade but to be able to show myself that it has worked off in the skill department. It felt great to be able to practice the skill with no pressure or thinking that someone is always evaluating you for whether or not you will make it on the team which is sometimes the case in volleyball.


Here are a few videos of me practicing certain skills:




Overarm Serve

Underarm Serve

The second criteria that we got graded on was Criteria A which is all about knowledge so this was evaluating my knowledge of the skills and game play of volleyball. The assessment was to take three videos, one of offence, one of defense and one of both and comment on what is happening, how they are doing, if the skill is correct and how well it is working. I actually quite liked this because my knowledge of being in an actual game of volleyball allowed me to understand what they were doing, so I had a little bit of help with that. This was actually fun to do which made it a better assessment for me to complete.

Here is my video of this.


I did many great things that I am proud in P.E, it was a great year!

Science Celebration of Learning

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I have done many different things this year in science and I have studied many different units but I believe these two very different assessments were my favorite’s for various different reasons. The first assessment is the Rube Goldberg Machine which was one of my very first assessments of the year. This assessment took a lot of time and thought. There were very many situations where I got frustrated and annoyed because I took so much time to plan and when it did not work I was not happy. Thankfully, I eventually saw where my fault lay and came up with a successful machine that made me so excited when I found that it could work. I had to use a lot of note-taking and putting down every step of my plan which is not my usual habit so that was quite difficult for me. I believe this shows that it was a pretty good assessment because I actually cared about the outcome, I really wanted it to work and I believe it paid off.


Here is the Final Video, this was the successful.


The other assessment I did was focused on a completely different unit of study, was graded on something different and was overall a different kind of assessment. This was more of a presentation, sharing knowledge about a topic that relates to sound and its impacts on aspects of society such as political or environmental. I decided to focus my presentation on ultrasounds and how they can affect the ethical decision of an abortion, and it was very interesting. To display the information I had gathered I decided to use a baby doll I had at my house and put a question mark on it and then talk about what an ultrasound was, how it worked and how they could increase the amount of abortions so is it ethical to have ultrasounds because they result in something again that could be considered also unethical. This was a good assessment because it required a lot of knowledge to be engrained in your brain instead of just reading them off of a card or screen. I enjoyed presenting this and learning everyone else’s information on it.


Thank you for reading this.

Should Science Change Humanity?

I believe that science should change humanity. For me it all depends on the definition of science, to me this does not just mean the very high tech science but as simple as your phones, your medicine and the machines you use every day. We as a community would not be able to go back to having no science in our lives. A perfect example of this is penicillin which has saved millions of lives, this was science that changed this and this has been a great scientific discovery. Science is here and now, visible everywhere in the world today and it is a huge part of our lives now, it could not be taken away even if we tried.


I think that they question should be “Now that science is a major part of humanity, what should we do about our ethics?”. It is not so much about science doing things that are wrong because in the end it is the humans making the decisions to do things. Unfortunately people will always make the wrong decisions, but to deprive ourselves of something that can solve so many problems. Science is changing humanity, let’s lead it to where we want, not let it go astray.

Celebrate Good Maths Come On!

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The first assignment I would like to choose is the environmental causes using scientific notation poster. I chose to focus it on how many pigs are killed each year for food, I chose this because it is something that is not focused on a lot. For this we needed to display our information in a creative way that clearly displayed the subject of the poster. As mine was pigs I first thought to make it in the shape of a pig but that did not really work out so then I decided to put the numbers and calculations on small pigs and put them on a pink coloured poster. I really put a lot of effort into this because I thought it was fun and it did not result in too much calculation and boring algorithms. I am proud of my result it was as creative as I hoped it would be and also it captures the eye which would make people read it.

The second assignment I would like to show is my maths volume investigation. This maths investigation took a great deal of time to finish simply because taking all of the measurements does take a long time. I liked this because it was fun to make it look nice and use different colours to display the information. I also like it because I believe I probably got quite close to the amount I was supposed to have which means that I did it right and after taking so much time that is nice. Unfortunately, I had to redo some of my measurements and calculations because I thought they were the wrong kind of shapes so that was a bit of a letdown. Afterwards we had the reflection on it and that also went pretty well I think. I tried very hard to come up with a viable alternative method that could be done in school just because I suppose that was an extra bonus and limited the search a bit for me. I did reflect on the many things that I could have done better but all in all I believe I conducted it quite thoroughly. It was quite fun I suppose but also pretty stressful.


A Badminton Reflection! (get it criteria A)

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Over the time I have been trying to learn badminton, which has been 2 years I have found new ways for me to improve how I learn and grow as a player. Last year well I will not specify but I did not get a good grade, at all, at first of course I was shocked but as I reviewed my learning I kind of understood. Level work has never been the most fun thing in the world but in grade 7 I did not pay great attention to the level work because  I thought it could be easily learnt. This of course was not so. It was very difficult for me to understand that levels  could improve a sport so much. This year when I heard that we had badminton I decided then and there that I was going to try and do levels right this time. If I had achieved a level once I would try to achieve it a few more times so that when the teacher assessment came around I would not be striving for something that was impossible. I only had to repeat one teacher assessment another time which was bouncing the shuttlecock on my racquet 20 times without dropping it. The biggest problem for me was that I was bouncing the shuttlecock with my arm held up too high not lower down. I went away, fixed it and then came back and was allowed to continue, I was happy because I really did try to improve and when that works out it is quite enjoyable. I think I have grown a lot in the “ready position” section which is probably also attributed to my development in volleyball. Having to focus so much on the ready position for volleyball made it easier for me to learn the one for badminton . I have understood a bit more about the game of badminton, how it works and how to keep score which I like knowing know.  My game play has progressed I believe so that now I am not losing unfortunate points for silly mistakes such as those on the serves or in the simpler shots. My future goals in badminton are to be able to set up shots for myself such as being able to place the shuttlecock so that my opponent passes it back to me exactly where I can smash it. I want to be able to play games with the confidence that I can play solidly and so that shots are not just one by serves.

I believe that this year in badminton I approached it pretty well considering my previous experience with badminton had been less than satisfactory. I decided that I would go into this trying to achieve much better than I had before, because last time I thought I did well I did not want to go into this unit with over-confidence. I hope that it was easy to see that I was trying to overcome my previous experience and start anew with badminton. I think to improve my learning I actually did go through all of the steps in level, I know you could just say that but I really mean it. I reviewed every word that the instructions said because I did not want to be in a situation where I was practicing the wrong thing. I think I improved the learning of others by actually watching them when it came to partner feedback, it could have been simple just to pretend and move on but personally I wanted to be evaluated and I gave the same courtesy to my peers. I came to every lesson prepared, with water bottle, shoes, t-shirt, shorts and enthusiasm and tried to be as positive as I could about a sport that was not my best. When I took videos of my serves I believe I did a pretty good job comparing them and I tried to spot these things out.

Let’s Celebrate (the learning)!

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These are the assignments I chose to display for humanities this year for the Celebration of Learning.

My first assignment that I have chosen was for the first unit the Renaissance. In this unit we discovered what was going on before the Renaissance, what it changed, who were some of those major people who were changing the world. This was the very first test that we had and it was mainly about where the Renaissance began, occurred as well as a lot of information about the changing of art. There was also a large part about the influence of the church and the humanists and what role Galileo had to play in this. For me this was a great test, I believe because I studied really well it resulted in a good test result. I liked this test (which I usually don’t) which probably also gave me the good grade because I was actually interested in what I was studying. I chose this test because it was about a really interesting unit and I am proud of the grade I got on it.


My second assignment that I will show you was not actually assessed it was just formative but I put as much effort, maybe even more, as I would if it was a summative. We were in the Africa unit and this task as set in groups to convince the other students in our class to vote for our continent.  They were voting for a continent because each group was assigned a continent and with that continent we will find what they need to improve on the most in terms of the human development index (HDI). After you have done research then you have to write the proposal pretending we were a branch of an organization reporting to their superiors and convincing them to donate the money to their project. My continent was Asia which has a lot of problems still does not have as many as Africa so they were our competition for the votes really. They had also chosen the same subject as us, education so that resulted in again a bit of a competition between the two of us. I was in charge of writing the conclusion for our proposal which really had to stand out and make a lasting impact. When we were presenting this conclusion really mattered because that was what was going to be left in the audience’s minds. In the end, we had the majority vote so we won! I wanted to show this piece of work because it took quite a lot of time and energy and shows some of my best skills.  Here is the google document that we wrote our proposal on.

KOTO Sports

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This year, I did the KOTO service learning for the first session of the year. In KOTO, I played badminton with the KOTO students every Wednesday we had it on. Although this session for me did nto working entirely smoothly I do believe some good did come out of it. Such as while playing with them, I tried to start up conversations some started with simple “What’s your name?” but then I developed it into “How long have you been at KOTO?” and “What do you do there?”. It was quite interesting learning those things and I do believe it created a much better connection between the groups. Unfortunetly, A lot of the time I personally spent thinking that they would rather be doing this by themselves, that we were sometimes a bit of a nuisance because they would either take it more or less seriously than us. Also because it would nto always be the same people doing the same things each time it made it difficult for us to develop relationships with the students because we did not have that much time. The organization could be a bit more planned out such as sometimes for one session there are only a couple of times the KOTO kids actually came so we can not be accused of nto doing much when we did nto have a lot of time.The best thing about KOTO was that I truly think that the KOTO kids had fun with or without us being there.

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